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I’ve been hearing a lot that 2016 has been the absolute worst year. I’ve read it all over social media and the memes have been endless. What exactly has made 2016 a bad year? Could it be the multiple celebrity deaths or just the constant back to back occurrences of bad luck? I’ve watched those around me face some of the most devastating things this year and I know the feeling of just being ready for a fresh start.

I cannot speak for everybody but I’m going to share some challenges that I’ve faced in 2016 and some that will carry over into 2017. Yes, you read it right! I have some challenges that I am taking with me BUT it’s not about the challenges it’s about my perspective and my ability to make a negative situation positive.

In January of this year I moved back in with my family in order to focus solely on finishing graduate school. I left a full-time job and my OWN space after THREE years. Shortly after moving back home, the transmission in my car gave up on me. That should be fine right, I live at home and surely I got some money saved. Right and wrong. I had some money saved but what I did not have was a job. The day I got the news that my transmission was going out and that it would cost more than the car was worth to get it fixed; I drove home, pulled in the driveway, cut my gospel music up really loud, and just cleaned the car out. I had no idea what I was going to do but I knew that God was going to fix it, He always does. A few days later, I had a newer car and not too long after purchasing the car I found a very flexible part-time job. I loss a couple of friends this year and I loved the HELL out of a man just for it to end. BUT, there is always a but, I’ve developed new friendships, the old ones are getting stronger, and I learned so much about myself from the last situation that I have no complaints in the love area (there is good in goodbye, I’ll tell you more about it in 2017).

Let’s focus on my right now: My finances are on complete struggle mode, graduate school is NO JOKE, I’m blessed to have this job but most days I want to walk out, and then there are days where my peace of mind has went on a mini vacation. How will this carry over in 2017? Well with three days left I know that I’m not going to hit the lottery, I don’t even play the lottery. I know that I will have to stay at my present job at least until I graduate. Did somebody say graduate?–I still have to get to the stage to walk across it. And as long as I’m working part-time, I’ll be living at home. However, there’s this thing called faith and I’m going to tell you how mine is set up. No I’m not exactly where I want to be and some days are really hard, but I’m working towards where I want to be. I know that my current struggles are nothing but a setup and when I look back I’ll be able to tell everyone how God brought me over them all. There is always a chance that the unexpected will happen and there is nothing I can do to prepare for the unexpected but to trust that God will work it out. I am fully equipped to handle EVERY storm that I face and you are too!

I’ll end this on a good note. In the midst of many challenges that I’ve faced this year, the growth has been endless. Let’s not forget that I’ve released this website, I created some pretty dope shirts, I’ve been invited to be a guest speaker at a powerful event, I hosted my very OWN event with a super awesome young woman that I now call friend, my network is growing, and even though challenges will come with me in 2017 I have some amazing opportunities lined up.

It’s all in the way we view things. Life will never stop happening but God will never stop being God either.

To you reading this, I pray that you find peace in the middle of your storm. I pray that you start to fully trust in the ability that God has given you to overcome every challenge that you face. I pray that you let your guard down, put your pride away, and allow people to love on you and to help you. I pray that in every hard moment you find something positive. I pray that you welcome the seasons of growth and don’t run from them. I pray you create a positive atmosphere around you and you chunk up the deuces to anything that means you no good. Keep growing, keep glowing, change your perspective, and this time next year you’ll have a hard time saying: “2017 was the worst year ever”.


With love,

Courtney Arlesia

2 thoughts on “2016: THE WORST YEAR EVER!”

  1. Hey, I don’t care what life through at you, there is a lesson in everything that you do. Your 2016 story is a powerful one and that you are still fighting and not giving up. This was a very inspiring piece being that one will face negative things but not let it take us over. May 2017, you will have your masters. Keep up the good fight. God Bless …

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