Courtney Arlesia

Courtney Arlesia Clardy Photo

Courtney Arlesia, LMSW is your everyday woman with an extraordinary thirst for God. She prides herself on being a shining example of strength, empowerment, and inspiration to those around her. With a rugged start, Courtney managed to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work with a minor in Recording Industry, all while motivating and inspiring family, friends, and strangers with hopes that they too will fall in love with Christ. In May of 2017, Courtney obtained her Masters of Science in Social Work, in an effort to expand her service in the community with the knowledge, experience, and research that she has gained throughout her educational career.

Now a published author and the writer of affirmation book Glow Up Sis, Glow Up!, she continues to be ferociously focused on psychotherapy, writing inspiring blog posts, books, and public speaking. In 2012, Courtney created an in home bible study group for women known as “Endless Love” that has expanded to a Facebook group, inspirational videos, and now this website. These personal pursuits for a true relationship with Christ have now become a staple for women who have had a rough start or find themselves in the midst of the chaos of a transition. Courtney Arlesia aspires to continue to encourage and empower women worldwide, to get in tune with themselves and find solace in their creator.