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Oil Change

oil change

This year I purchased a new car not because I wanted to but I NEEDED to. I was trying to keep my last car until I paid it off but clearly God had other plans. That alone is a testament to how good God is! 

Since purchasing my now car I’ve only had two oil changes. After my first oil change, I went to the register to check out and I asked the cashier: “what’s wrong with it?”. Her response caught me off guard when she said nothing. This was literally the first car I had that after an oil change NOTHING was wrong with it. Most people know when you take your car for an oil change they come back with a list of everything wrong. She assured me that I had a good car and if I ever had any issues I can back bring it in. Well, I recently got my second oil change at a different location but at a place I’ve went to for years. When I told him I got a new car, he said: “bout time!”. I just laughed, my last car wasn’t horrible but it always had something wrong with it. When it was time to check out, I posed the same question just in a different way: “nothing wrong with it?”. His response was no of course. Deep down I knew nothing was wrong but another part of me was thinking surely something is, something always is. As I mentioned I’ve been to this establishment for years so the owner has seen a few cars I’ve had and he was definitely glad to say “Courtney, you have a good car”.

The point I’m making with this story is: it is very hard for us to enjoy the blessing God gives us when we are constantly expecting the worse and comparing our present to our past. 

For example, you might be a new relationship that is absolutely amazing, but because you’ve been hurt so many times and you find yourself constantly bringing up the past that you are just waiting for the worse to happen. It could be a new job and you refuse to get comfortable because of the last job experience. Whatever new that you are encountering and you are not quite sure if you should let your guard down, I’m here to tell you to let it down. We have to learn to trust God in all things and through all things. He is so intentional and everything we encounter has a purpose no matter what the end brings. 

I pray that you let your guard down and start to enjoy your blessings. I pray that you stop looking at the past and stop waiting for bad things to happen. I pray you give your fears over to God and you walk by faith day in and day out knowing that God will do all things but fail in your life. 


New things can be scary, especially if it’s something you are not use to. That’s the beauty of life. Enjoy it, learn, and grow! 


With love,

Courtney Arlesia

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