Courtney Arlesia

Be You…

Some may not fully comprehend but to me hair is a form of expression.

An expression that is necessary for every journey of  life.

At least for me.


I change my hair constantly. I love to wear wigs because they are fun, easy to manage, and let me not forget to mention that they are FUN! Anytime I do something drastic or something that I normally wouldn’t do to my hair, I’m most likely entering a new phase in my life. Then there are times when I just want to try something new! When I cut my hair a couple years back I was starting all over. I was letting go of hurt, pain, and reclaiming my life as I grew into my womanhood. A short, bold, haircut was the move to make that matched the place I was in.


This current hair style may not be drastic to some but it was very drastic for me. I decided to be a little more bold, a little more daring, and a little more courageous. I love being free with my hair, I love to make changes, and I love that my hair journey aligns with my life journey. I’m so excited about this current hairstyle and I’m not concerned if it makes someone uncomfortable.

How does it relate to my life?

Well, no longer will I box myself in and no longer will I allow the opinions of others affect the decisions I make. Courtney Arlesia is not for everyone and that is okay because I don’t desire to be for everyone. I long to be for me and those who are for me. I won’t apologize for decisions that make me happy.I’m falling into my faith, I’m walking hand in hand with God, and I’m overcoming every fear that is meant to keep me from my purpose. I am no longer concerned with making sure everyone is happy if I’m not happy first. I’m taking risks and I won’t let doubt or the fear of being knocked down stop me. I’ll get up, dust myself off, and keep moving forward. I’m opening myself up in a way that causes me to be vulnerable and as scary as it is, I’m ready to conquer it. I’m feeling real bold, real courageous, and real strong. I’m feeling real ME!

[FYI: The first picture is when I cut my hair a couple years ago. The second picture is today 9.23.16]


For you it may not be hair. Maybe it’s sharing your gift/talent with the world. Whatever it is, I pray that in your journey you decide to trust God. I pray that you will be as courageous as a lion and you will not let anyone hold you back. I pray that the opinions of others will not keep you boxed in. If God is for you nothing can come against you! Do what makes you happy. Be for you today and every day to come.

With love,

Courtney Arlesia


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