Courtney Arlesia

Feel Fear…

Then tell fear to get UNDER your feet

Let me tell you, this past Saturday was beautiful. I had my first speaking engagement and vendor event since the launch of my website. I was absolutely terrified leading up to the event. All kind of thoughts ran through my mind. Now mind you this isn’t my first time doing public speaking, so I truly believe the nerves are normal but it also puts you in the perfect position to allow God to use you.

Everyone said things like: “Courtney, you got this!”, “don’t be nervous, be confident”, “You don’t have to be afraid”, etc. I appreciate everyone of those comments and kind words but truth be told at that moment it didn’t help much. I had to put myself in a position for God to work. I finally spoke to my fear and nerves. I gave fear the attention it was seeking and then told fear deuces. I said to fear: “Fear, I see you but you can’t live here. I am the daughter of the Most High God and this spirit did not come from Him. So fear, thank you for coming but get under my feet”.

In the good times and bad we must we remember who we are and whose we are, but we also must remember that we are human with human emotions. I always say that God can’t do nothing with anything we refuse to acknowledge. We go through life wanting healing but refuse to admit that we are hurt. We want peace but act like there is no hell in our life. We want a new relationship but refuse to acknowledge the dysfunction of the last one. I have come to a point of NO MORE. No more will I feel feelings and refuse to acknowledge them. I know who God is in my life and I know that He can do more with those feelings that I can alone.

Afterwards, I got nothing but positive feedback and I have to give that glory back to God. This is His platform and He is allowing me to use it. I’ll forever be grateful and humble. Of course, I’ll review the videos and give myself constructive criticism, I only want to get better. There is always something to learn!


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! For all the love, support, and encouragement. I needed it and it was so much appreciated.

Next up, I’ll have my first event with the wonderful Jasmine Ware.picsart_10-03-11-42-39

I am beyond excited. I hope that you can join us!

With love,

Courtney Arlesia

P.S. Tell fear to get under your feet this week and speak nothing but positive. I had five minutes to speak at the event. I’m not quite sure if I spoke that long but I told God: “this is going to be the best five minutes ever, so use me how you please!”. Just know that I’m rooting for you and God is too!

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