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Pocket Full of Sunshine


We all need encouragement to get us through day in and day out. However, some days it’s hard to even trace a smile. I’ll keep this post real short and sweet. Here are some of tips that I use to remain motivated, focused, and encouraged in a world that can be draining.

  1. God is the source and He deserves recognition and praise daily. I have made the decision that no matter how I feel, God still deserves my praise. When I worship, my day goes so much better. Worship is a lifestyle, it cannot and should not just be done on Sunday (I’ll save that for another blog post).
  2. Share your gift. I tell people often what keeps me encouraged is the gift that God gave me to encourage others. When I speak life into someone else, I am literally speaking it back to me.
  3. Take a smile daily and don’t be selfish with it, SHARE IT! It’s something about smiling that can change your entire day! I dare you to just try it despite how you are feeling.
  4. While you’re smiling make sure you are laughing too. Laughter is the BEST medicine. I love to crack jokes and laugh at pointless memes all day long.
  5. Write it down and revisit it. I love love LOVE to write down my favorite bible verses and quotes. I put them in places that I can easily get to them. That could be in my purse, my notes app, making it a screensaver on my phone, placing notes on the mirror, etc. I also love to write encouraging messages and give them to others as well.
  6. “When words fail, music speaks”. If you do not know by now, I absolutely love all types of music. Now with this I have to be careful. If I’m in my feelings I’m not going to listen to anything that will keep me there. There are so many uplifting upbeat songs to add to your playlist. I’ll do a blog post later of my favorite uplifting songs. I’ll call it my “pocket full of sunshine” playlist.
  7. While your music is blasting don’t forget to dance. Now I’m not the best dancer but I can hit a jig and I got a mean two-step. There is something about dancing that is so freeing.

[Let me add that singing off key and dancing off beat is so much fun! I’m a little dorky but it gets the job done.]

  1. Find your favorite hobby and keep it to yourself. It’s apparent that I love to write or else I wouldn’t have a blog. However, I do a little more writing that I don’t share with everyone else. Photography, is a new interest for me as well, however, I’m still trying to get my feet wet in that area. You are probably wondering why I said to keep it to yourself. I truly believe that you need something just for you. If you shared everything with everyone what will you have that is just for you. We now live in a world where everyone feels that they have to share everything with everybody and that is simply not true. It’s like having your favorite toy when you were a kid, it’s yours and it’s okay not to want to share it.
  2. Real friends. It is important not to be surrounded by negative energy or unmotivated people. Who you are around is who you will become. I am truly blessed to have a circle of friends that on good days and bad days are present and most importantly are believers in Christ. It’s cool to have a turn up circle, but do they pray for you? Now understand, I have the “gift of good-bye” as T.D. Jakes would say. I do not mind removing anyone out of my life that is draining or that is full of constant drama and negativity. At the age of 26, I have no time to play high school games. Disagreements may arise but there is a proper way to handle them and if it can’t be handled in love, then it’s best to chunk up the deuces.

As I stated before, these are things that I do to keep me encouraged, motivated, and focused. I pray that some of these tips will be beneficial for you to use as well. Remain connected to the source, God, and there is nothing you will not be able to overcome.

With love,

Courtney Arlesia




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