Courtney Arlesia

STILL…Figuring it Out

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been here, 6 months to be exact. In these past 6 months I’ve had some highs and some lows but I believe we all know what the biggest HIGH was, the release of my very first book. The journey to releasing the book was an amazing ride and I am nowhere near finished. I know I mentioned it in the book and discussed before that “Glow Up Sis…” wasn’t the first book I’ve written but the first one I completed the entire process to share with the world. I look forward to what God brings forth in me so that I may continue to share with the world.

So I know the question that is on your mind and what everyone has been asking, “What are you doing now Courtney and when is the book tour?”…

Well, I’m still figuring it out.

And not just when I’m going to hit the road to promote my book but also life. Being a millennial, in your late 20s, it seems pressure is always there. Pressure to have everything figured out: love, career, goals, LIFE in general. If it’s not all together then it must be falling apart. Thank God, I don’t subscribe to that notion or else I would be in serious trouble. The reality of it is that it’s easy to accept the concept “if you don’t have it together by now then you never will”. That concept is a LIE!

Life is all about figuring it out. Figuring out what makes you smile and letting go of what doesn’t. Figuring out what type of solidity you need around you to help you grow & prosper and becoming okay with letting go of the people and things that don’t. Figuring out career moves and if you want to move to a different state or country. Figuring out your love life and doing love in a way that works for you without the noise of everyone else’s opinions. When you become a parent, you figure out what style best works for you and let’s not forget forever figuring out an entire human being as they grow through life. Life is a continuous cycle of figuring it out. Life doesn’t offer us an instruction guide, we have to become comfortable and confident with writing our own stories without the pressure of everyone else and the noise of society.

When I wrote “Glow Up Sis…”, I didn’t have it all together. I wrote from me to me and decided to invite others in, because the truth is we all have areas to grow in. Some areas we will flourish and others will require tons of work. As I go back and read through pages of “Glow Up Sis…” I realize areas that I can use tons of TLC but gratefully God has a funny way of placing us in the right situations around the right people that will provoke that growth. It’s up to us to not fight against it.

So here is my truth…I’m growing, glowing, and still figuring it out. And I’m perfectly okay with that. In the past 8 months I’ve loss friends, classmates, and colleagues, all under 35. Death always awakens something in me that reminds me to do this life thing for me. To celebrate every win and to get up and dust off after every disappointment.

I’m not sure what it is that you are figuring out in this moment but I pray that you give yourself space to do just that, FIGURE IT OUT! Take risks, make mistakes, and learn from every experience. As much understanding that you give to others as they figure life out, give yourself twice as much. Become confident in knowing that everything will not be perfect but everything will be just right. YOU GOT THIS and everything you desire will come to you the moment you accept where you are and trust that all things are working for you.

With love,
Courtney Arlesia

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