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HEY! I’m so glad you are here. I need you to do something before you start reading this wonderful blog post. I need you to take the time to google the definition for self-discipline. After you find the definition read it out loud and then write it down.

For my friends who just don’t have the time to pause and google, no worries, I googled the definition for you. Self-discipline is “the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses; the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it”. Now I still hope you took the time to read it out loud and write it down. You are probably wondering why I want you to do these things.

Let me tell you why!

Many of our disappointments, failures, and let downs don’t come from our lack of talent or capabilities. They come from the lack of self-discipline. Every year we’ll make New Year’s resolutions and by February that list is somewhere collecting dust. We’ll start something new and if we see one sign of failure we will quit before we even get to witness the end results. Why are we so afraid of failure anyway? Failure is one of the greatest teachers and the only time we truly fail is when we GIVE UP. Stop giving up! The topic of failure will have to wait for another day. Let me get back to the subject at hand, self-discipline.

When I read the definition the first thing that comes to mind is ownership. Nowhere in the definition does it say blame so-and-so for making you upset, blame so-and-so for the reason you give up, or blame so-and-so for being a distraction. NO! The definition is screaming ownership. We have to learn to take responsibility for our own actions. The 20lbs is shed and 20lbs plus more come right back because of the lack of self-discipline. I have never seen food chase a person down, no that hamburger DID NOT stalk you! The business idea didn’t prosper because the lack of self-discipline to remain focus, to stick to the plan, and to learn from the mistakes and failures. Take some time to reflect on the things that you’ve walked away from for no other reason than the lack of self-discipline. Write it down. Pray over it!

We have no self-discipline, but we will often find ourselves screaming at God saying: “Dad! Where my blessings?”. God has so much He wants to give us but He will not give us anything we are not ready for. It’s time to refocus and practice self-discipline daily. Get in position for all that God has for you!

I know you are probably wondering about the title. Well, one day I was truly unhappy with myself and decisions I was making concerning my health. I can work out and beast in the gym and I also can eat extremely healthy when I choose to. When I CHOOSE to. Long story short I texted an old work out partner and asked her what time did she work out. Her response: “every morning at 4:45”. I wanted to say: “you go girl! I’ll have to catch you another time”. However, my response was: “giiiiirl, I’m coming”. I wake up extremely early anyway might as well keep my early rising productive.

I pray for us today. I pray that we keep our eyes focused on God and His promises to us and that we use it as our daily motivation to practice self-discipline. I pray over those things that we have put down, that we pick them back up right where we left off and we complete the goal. I pray that we speak over ourselves daily casting out fear of failure and disappointment. I pray that every day that we take ownership and responsibility over our actions and that we change what we can. I pray that we get in position for our blessings that God has for us by being committed to practicing self-discipline.

With love,

Courtney Arlesia



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